Episode 1 - Welcome to The Philanthropy Podcast


Welcome to the first episode of The Philanthropy Podcast! Today, we have a brief introduction to me and what prompted me to start a podcast.

I'll discuss the concerning things I kept hearing from schools leaders and non-profits directors that prompted me to speak at 2017's National Catholic Education Association Convention and present a session entitled: "Pre-K through Ph.D.: How School Leaders & Advancement Officers at Any Level Can Learn to Love Making an Ask." I was fortunate co-present with a friend and former classmate of mine, Zach Zeckser, principal of St. Mark's Catholic School in St. Paul, MN. Zach's a great example of how someone who doesn't start out in development can become a great fundraiser if their heart and mind are in the right place.

I also share my vision for The Philanthropy Podcast and what kind of episodes, show formats, guests, and ideas I hope to discuss. I mention that there are a few ways you can invest in the show that will make for a much better product as it grows.

Please consider:

Nominating someone to appear as a guest on the show

Providing feedback on what you enjoyed or didn't enjoy and suggesting possible show topics

Supporting the production of the show, its editing, and costs

Sharing the show with people you think would be interested on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, or via Email through the social media links.

I plan to to link to the organizations I mention for the first time in an episode since we all benefit from increased awareness. Today's episode includes discussions of:

National Catholic Education Association 2017 Convention in St. Louis

St. Mark's Catholic School in St. Paul, MN (an amazing example of a Catholic school website)

The Archdiocese of Chicago (Where I just joined an amazing team) 

The University of Notre Dame (Where I was surrounded by one of the best development teams in the country)

St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago (Where I really found my legs and my mentor in fundraising)

St. Agnes of Bohemia School (Where I got my start in development)